Greg Savage ‘Modern Recruiter Masterclass’ in Europe!

Dear European ‘Savage Truth’ readers,

I am very excited to invite you to my new half-day ‘Modern Recruiter Masterclass’ to be held in Prague and Bratislava in April 2017

Maybe you saw me speak at the ‘Evolve’ Conference in Brno in 2015? Certainly you are a reader of my blog, so it would be wonderful to see you in person at one of these events

Will the new ‘golden era’ of recruitment pass you by?
Prague 11th April 2017
Bratislava 13th April 2017

Brilliant opportunities exist for recruiters over the next few years. But only if changes are made, new skills acquired, and fresh tactics perfected.

This Masterclass is packed with cutting edge insights for recruiters as well as strategic imperatives for owners/managers. Expect to go away with clarity on the changing world of recruitment and a host of new tools to help you bill more.

Some of the topics we will cover include;

• The recruiting future. A golden era awaits. But will YOU thrive?
• Recruitment is evolving. Are you?
• The ‘modern recruiter’ defined. 6 key areas of recruiter change.
• How technology will change your job, and how it won’t
• The Savage candidate sourcing masterclass
• Detailed, simple tactics for social and digital sourcing
• How to find candidate that others can’t on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more
• How candidate behaviour must change your sourcing strategies
• Building a personal brand to turn you into a ‘talent magnet’
• Tactics of the master ‘skills hunter’
• Social tools that will win you new clients
• A 20-minute-a-day LinkedIn action plan that delivers results
• 10 tactics for building a digital brand that drives $
• Phone sourcing. An ‘old school’ skill we need to bring back
• Modern business development skills
• The craft of recruitment.  Why it is still critical
• “Social selling” and why you must master it.
• Selling exclusivity and the magic of a qualified job order
• 4 candidate interview essentials that most recruiters do not know
• 10 habits of high performers
• Deep dive into the DNA of the modern recruiter
• 4 key areas of strategic change that you must address in your business
• Recruitment is merging with marketing. Are you ready?
• Digital footprint vs. candidate database. Where is the value?
• The markets to target, and the ones to avoid.
• The type of recruiters you should, and should not, hire
• Technology, big data, CRM, and automated marketing. What and how?
• A different agency structure for a new era

250 Czech Recruiters show some love!

250 Czech Recruiters show some love in 2015 at ‘Evolve’!

It’s going to be informative, entertaining and fun. Plenty of networking, and a drink afterwards. We are only accepting 50 attendees to each event!

Please enrol right now as it’s already filling up

I really hope to see you there




About Greg Savage

Over a career spanning thirty years, Greg Savage has established himself as a global recruitment leader. Greg is a regular keynote speaker at staffing and recruitment conferences around the world.

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