Most recruiters are losing money

Most recruiters are losing money

This blog is blunt. It’s about the commercial reality of making money in recruitment. If you run a business, and are making no money, this will probably explain why. Or if you are a recruiter, it could explain why you can hardly scrape by on your income, or why you will get fired. And the […]

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The secret to candidate acquisition, that no-one EVER told you!

The secret to candidate acquisition that no-one EVER told you!

For as long as I remember (and in recruitment, that is a very, very long time) getting good candidates has always been about getting their attention. Way back in the day, all newspapers were bulging with job-classified sections. Seriously, I remember the Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Age job sections were way thicker than the […]

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Somebody resigned? Don't be a fool. Stay cool.

Somebody resigned? Don’t be a fool. Stay cool.

A while ago I wrote what proved to be a popular blog about how to resign with grace. But what about the manager who gets a resignation? How should they behave? Sad to say, the commercial world is rife with mind-blowing tales of how badly bosses react when an employee resigns. In the recruitment industry […]

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The greatest recruitment movies of all time!

The greatest recruitment movies of all time!

When you consider what an emotional, competitive and crazy world recruitment is, and the characters it attracts, maybe it’s strange that there have not been more movies about the industry. I have seen all the “Wall Street-esq” movies and seriously, I have worked with and against crazier characters than most of theirs! Is Hollywood missing […]

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10 words you must NEVER use to describe yourself

10 words you must NEVER use to describe yourself

Who am I to tell you how you can describe yourself? Nobody. So ignore me at your leisure. On the other hand, I can tell you for free that the words you use in your résumé, your LinkedIn profile, your Twitter bio, your cover letter, and in spoken language, create a response in the reader, […]

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Qantas often annoys me. But this time, ‘well done’!

I see a lot of the inside of planes. Lately I have been assessing why I usually fly Qantas, as I have been getting more and more aggrieved at the airlines pricing policy. Seriously, Qantas regularly have Business Class seats at TWICE the price of comparable airlines to places like London. Some of my business […]

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