Greg Savage Speaking Tour: Huge Early-bird Savings

Over 300 recruiters have signed up for the upcoming series, already. We are anticipating 750 in total! Don’t miss out. The early-bird cut off period is looming, so please consider enrolling now for very big savings. In fact you can send your team for less than $200 a head. We are about to enter a […]

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The Best Recruiter Christmas Party. Ever!

The Best Recruiter Christmas Party. Ever!

I don’t like recruitment Christmas parties. And I have been to a few. At least 50 I would say. 50? How old are you Greg? 100? No, not quite. But 35 years in this biz, and many years where I went to several parties, across various offices of the businesses I ran, means I have […]

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In recruitment, everybody sells, baby!

I read recently some ‘recruitment expert’ advising owners of recruitment companies to phase out ‘billing managers’ and to allow a team of ‘dedicated managers’ to simply ‘run’ the business’. Now, how should I put this as calmly as I can? OK, this will have to do. Bullshit! In Australia, New Zealand and the UK, 90% […]

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New! Greg Savage ANZ Speaking Tour 2015

Good news! We are about to enter a new golden era for recruitment in Australia and New Zealand. Lots of growth to be had and money to be made. Mostly all we hear about is the death of agency recruitment, but to me it’s clear that conditions are just about right for a revival of […]

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Why great recruiters make dud managers

Why great recruiters make dud managers

It’s one of the biggest mistakes I have made, and many others are making it right now. Promoting your top recruiter into a manager role. Of course, a great recruiter can become a great manager. It happens. But it’s not a given. In fact it’s actually unlikely. For one very simple, but compelling reason. They […]

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10 everyday phrases that basically mean "Get F****d”

10 everyday phrases that basically mean “Get *****d”

We use them, and hear them, all the time. Politely worded little sentences that in fact contain a very clear message. And that message is often highly aggressive, or at best dismissive and derisory. Often, the words are themselves pedantically polite, but the tone, and the intent are most definitely the opposite. Here are 10 […]

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