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This person cleans up your mess for $8.50

This person cleans up your mess for $8.50

I had a vague understanding that we ‘had a cleaner’, but I took that service for granted, and certainly gave the person who cleaned up our mess little thought. I have always considered Australia a highly evolved industrial democracy, with many laws protecting people from exploitation, but as I dug deeper, the more shocked I […]

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Into Africa. A recruiting safari.

Today is the last day of the ‘relaxing’ part of my trip to South Africa, and I write to you from the magnificent Delaire Graff estate just outside Stellenbosch, in the Cape Wine lands. But tomorrow it’s D-day. Day one of the Savage Truth Tour of South Africa, kicking off in Cape Town with a […]

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Be Polite!

Need to fire a deadbeat client? Here’s how. In 7 steps.

Last week I argued that service providers need to fire clients who are uncooperative or unprofitable. Plenty of ‘The Savage Truth’ readers agreed, but many asked, “How do I actually do it?”. And the truth is that it is not easy. But there are two guiding principals I have found are fundamental for this to […]

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When your client says “send me the résumé”....you say this!

When your client says “send me the résumé”….you say this!

The fact is you make a placement only if your candidate gets an interview. So your job as a recruiter is so much more than sourcing the talent and making the match. As important as they are, it’s all a waste of time if you don’t get your candidate sitting opposite your client. And so […]

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Are you 'client-flabby' or are you 'client-fit'?

Are you ‘client-flabby’ or are you ‘client-fit’?

Recruiters often complain about the fickleness of clients. Clients don’t return our calls, they don’t give commitment, and they don’t follow through. Often true. But, is it always the client’s fault? Does the relationship flounder because you don’t put in the effort you should? Indeed, do you commit the cardinal sin of slipping into ‘chronic […]

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HR and internal recruiters, YOU need to lift your game too

HR and internal recruiters, YOU need to lift your game too

There has been a great deal of criticism of Agency recruiters lately, quite a bit of it from me. But a recent theme is emerging where Corporate HR managers and internal recruiters have launched some scathing attacks on the process followed by recruiters.Truthfully, many of these criticisms are valid. As an industry we are guilty […]

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