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Recruiters – tentative language is destroying your cred!

We don’t mean to be tentative, do we? We want to be bold, strong and confident when dealing with clients. Yet time and again, we use words that are stumbling blocks. Our fear takes over. And we use tentative language. Words that offer the client a reason to doubt us. Phrases that reduce our credibility. […]

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Finding someone a job is only half the battle….

In financial markets they talk about canny investors being “stock-pickers”, which refers to an ability to select ‘diamonds in the rough’; investments that will outperform over time. Great recruiters are “talent-pickers”. We would love to place every person who approaches us, or who we interview. But that is not going to happen. In fact, spreading […]

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The huge secret no-one ever told you about negotiating temp rates

The “big secret” when it comes to negotiating with clients about temp Bill rates is to shift the clients focus from the RATE, to the COST! If you allow all the focus to remain only on the $ value of the hourly rate, then you have very little negotiating leverage. The client quotes another agency […]

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What to say when your client drops the “C” word in a fee negotiation.

Last week I blogged about how you need to move the focus away from dollars and percentages when clients negotiate fees, and on to your value and your differentiators. One of the comments on my blog from Matthew Lancey raised the point that sometimes clients keep pushing, and they say something like “but your competitors […]

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Managing candidates’ salary expectations

Successful recruiting is about lots of small interactions, handled well.  The real job of a recruiter is to manage outcomes in the interests of both client and candidate. This week I have another micro recruitment consulting tip – the key skill of managing the candidate’s expectations around salary. It’s not that we want to find […]

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Don’t give up on exclusive job orders! This is how

A great recruiter will be totally articulate in positioning why a client is doing themselves tremendous harm by getting recruiters to compete. By all means, let recruiters compete for a client. No problems there. That’s capitalism at its finest. But we should not compete on the same job. That is just dumb business by all […]

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