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Recruiters from 'Generation C'. Are YOU in the club?

Only hire recruiters from ‘Generation C’.

Forget Millennials, Gen X and the Baby Boomers. The only group of recruiters that have any chance of success as we enter a brave new world of recruiting, will be most certainly be from ‘Generation C’. Yes indeed, there is only one group of recruiters that will thrive in a world where talent shortages get […]

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18 red-hot tips for the newbie recruiter

Starting your first job as a recruiter? Do this!

Every week I get a request from a newbie to the recruitment industry asking for guidance on how to succeed. It’s a tricky one because it’s a bit like asking the meaning of life, or the secret to being a brilliant parent. There is no easy, short, answer. However, here is my best road-map for […]

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Think like an immigrant!

Think like an immigrant!

Modern Australia was built on immigrants. They came in clearly defined waves. The British. The Southern Europeans. The Asians. Many other countries are the same, and most pay homage to those immigrants now. I am an immigrant myself, arriving in Australia two weeks before my 21st Birthday. I am the son of an immigrant too. […]

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Most recruiters are losing money

Most recruiters are losing money

This blog is blunt. It’s about the commercial reality of making money in recruitment. If you run a business, and are making no money, this will probably explain why. Or if you are a recruiter, it could explain why you can hardly scrape by on your income, or why you will get fired. And the […]

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20 reasons your boss hates you

20 reasons your boss hates you

Does your boss hate you? OK, hate is a strong word. I am sure she does not actually hate you. (Well, maybe not). But let’s say you irritate her, disappoint her, and ultimately incline her to regard you more as a liability than an asset. And that can only end in tears. 30 years of […]

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I travelled 17,000 kilometres to tell the English recruiters this!

I travelled 17,000 kilometres to tell the British recruiters this!

Recently I flew across the world as a guest of REC to speak to recruiters in Manchester and London. (South Africa is next by the way) The Business Brains II series included excellent presentations from Kevin Green, the CEO of REC, and Mary B Lucas, an American staffing veteran with a brilliant story to tell, […]

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