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What clients REALLY want.

This is what clients REALLY want from a recruiter.

The truth is that clients are deserting the recruitment industry in droves.  In many cases they are cynical about our value and skeptical about our ability to deliver anything they can’t get themselves. As we are all aware, they are building sophisticated systems, and hiring internal recruiting experts, specifically to cut out third-party recruiters. And […]

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Dear Hiring Manager....

Dear Hiring Manager….

Dear Hiring Manager, So, just to make sure I clearly understand you. You consistently call our entire industry  ‘cowboys’, who add no value and who cannot, or will not, build relationships. You often warm to your theme by telling us we don’t understand your business or your briefs, fail to match appropriately, never provide insights, […]

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Discount! Did you say... discount?

Discount! Did you say… discount?

“So let me just clarify your position on this, Mr Client. You spend 30 minutes telling me all the recruiters you have used so far are hopeless, they provide zero value, they can’t find the talent you want, their service is pathetic, and they do not understand your business. Then, we spend hours going through […]

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The one skill great recruiters nail every time

The one skill great recruiters nail every time

There has never been a more critical time for recruiters to focus on prioritising their job orders. Clients are tentative and decisions are slow to come, so we simply cannot waste our time on briefs that were never real in the first place. Working with clients who are not ready, willing or committed to hire […]

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10 massive blunders I have made in recruitment

10 massive blunders I have made in recruitment

Running a great recruitment business is difficult. The competition, the compliance, the cash flow issues and most of all, the people complexity creates an ideal environment to screw up. Here are 10 of my biggest blunders, some of which I have made several times. I offer them up as a guide on what NOT to […]

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The amazing day our client put the placement fee UP to 60%!

The amazing day our client put the placement fee UP to 60%!

Regular readers of my blog will know that I have predicted for some time that clients will expect more from recruiters as the market recovers. I have said that we can expect pressure on our fees, particularly as employers invest in other ways to access talent. But it’s also true that market forces will prevail. […]

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