Training & Coaching Courses

Client Management Skills for Consultants

  • Preparing for the client meeting: Tips and Tricks
  • Conducting a great client meeting
  • Securing exclusivity on your permanent job orders
  • Client Control: The Key to Success: Qualifying the order
  • Client Control in Action: Taking the Job order, managing the outcome
  • Selling your candidates in to ensure an interview with a client
  • “Reverse marketing” (floating) candidates as a specific tactic
  • Handling client push-back and negotiating perm fees
  • Negotiating temp rates
  • Negotiating temp to perm fees
  • Understanding temp margins and mark-ups
  • Penetrating a client account and maximising return
  • Client selection: How to ‘fire’ deadbeat clients to increase your productivity
  • Getting around “send me the resume”
  • Job order “triage” and order prioritising

Candidate Management Skills for Consultants

  • Candidate Control Part 1 – The First Interview
  • Candidate Control Part 2 –  Prepping the Candidate for Client Interview
  • Candidate Control Part 3 – Debriefing the candidate after the interview
  • Securing candidate exclusivity to give yourself an edge
  • Preparing for, managing and avoiding, counter-offers
  • Preparing the candidate to accept an offer
  • Sourcing, approaching and recruiting quality candidates
  • Candidate care tactics that grow your brand and your business
  • Candidate selection. Who to ‘work”

Great Recruiting Skills for Consultants

  • What it takes to be a top performing recruiter
  • How to use social media to win business and meet clients
  • How to ‘backwards plan’ your desk activity to hit your $ goals
  • Developing, understanding and selling your USPs
  • Getting past the gatekeeper
  • ‘Brand You’: developing your personal and your company brand
  • What it means to be “senior” and enhancing your career
  • 15 ways placements get screwed up-and how to avoid them
  • From cold calling to warm calling
  • Client development skills
  • Keeping your desk rolling when you take leave
  • The big secret of the ‘Backwards Plan’ to drive your billings
  • Handling recruiter stress
  • Avoiding tentative language which is reducing your billings
  • Classic ‘Old school’ skills we need to brush up

Social Media for Recruiters

  • Building a digital personal brand
  • A basic social media strategy for recruiters
  • Using social media to secure client meetings and win business
  • Twitter 101 for recruiters
  • Blogging for recruiting success
  • LinkedIn as a branding platform

Leadership and Management Skills

  • The future of recruitment and the leadership needed
  • Communications skills for leaders
  • Understanding the real cost of mediocre performers
  • Coaching for recruitment greatness
  • Effective Public Speaking
  • Managing a “Prima Donna” in your team
  • Managing social media in your business
  • Driving business growth through exceptional leadership.
  • Turning your priorities upside down: what you should be doing
  • Tips and Tricks for the effective fee-earning Manager
  • Effective use of KPIs through smart ‘Backwards Planning’
  • Using forecasting tools to manage your team
  • Building success through tight performance management
  • Guiding the ship: financial benchmarks and operating ratios
  • Remote management
  • Managing managers
  • Performance reviews
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