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Here is a quick checklist.

The Savage Truth Blog: 250 articles on recruiting, leadership, social media and business life.

Sixty Savage Seconds: A portfolio of 60 second videos, each with a key message for recruiters. Constantly being added to.

The Savage Truth YouTube Channel. Hundreds of recruiting and leadership videos.

Podcasts and webinars

The Future of Talent.   Keynote Address to the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand  (starts at about 10 minutes 45 seconds)

How to grow your brand using Social Media – Podcast

The Future of Recruitment – Podcast with idibu (Part 1)

The power and necessity of change in recruitment — Podcast with idabu. (Part2)

What people skills can Tech replace? – Podcast with idabu (Part 3)

Staying productive with adaptive habits – Podcast with idabu (Part 4)

My best and worst investments. Mantras and Advice – Podcast with idabu (Part 5)

What I know now that I wish I had known at 20 — Podcast

Social Recruiting 101: Interview with Greg Savage 

The future of recruitment — Webinar with Firefish Software

How to seduce candidates and disrupt your recruitment business – #RecHangout with Colleagues Software

Why are recruiters still ballsing up candidate basics? — Webinar

The future of recruitment — explained in 30 minutes! — Webinar

Is the Golden era of Recruitment going to pass you by? — Webinar

The real secret to building a personal online brand — Video

How to build a tribe on Twitter that grows your brand and generates revenue.  25 Point template for Twitter success

Tips for first time recruiters. — Video. The recruiting reel.

REC Scale Up Podcast with Greg Savage and Kevin Green