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The Savage Truth YouTube Channel. Hundreds of recruiting and leadership videos.

Podcasts and webinars

How to grow your brand using Social Media – Podcast

The Future of Recruitment – Podcast with idibu (Part 1)

The power and necessity of change in recruitment — Podcast with idabu. (Part2)

What people skills can Tech replace? – Podcast with idabu (Part 3)

Staying productive with adaptive habits – Podcast with idabu (Part 4)

My best and worst investments. Mantras and Advice – Podcast with idabu (Part 5)

What I know now that I wish I had known at 20 — Podcast

Social Recruiting 101: Interview with Greg Savage 

The future of recruitment — Webinar with Firefish Software

How to seduce candidates and disrupt your recruitment business – #RecHangout with Colleagues Software

Why are recruiters still ballsing up candidate basics? — Webinar

The future of recruitment — explained in 30 minutes! — Webinar

Is the Golden era of Recruitment going to pass you by? — Webinar

The real secret to building a personal online brand — Video

How to build a tribe on Twitter that grows your brand and generates revenue.  25 Point template for Twitter success

Tips for first time recruiters. — Video. The recruiting reel.