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Nine changes recruiters must make - now!

Nine changes recruiters must make – now!

Everyone is telling recruiters they need to change. Hey, half my blogs touch on the same theme! So, you might be thinking, “OK, I get it. Change is key. But specifically, in what areas is this change meant to take place?” Good question! Well, luckily, we have The Savage Truth here to tell you 🙂 […]

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Greg Savage ‘Modern Recruiter Masterclass’ in Europe!

Greg Savage ‘Modern Recruiter Masterclass’ in Europe!

Dear European ‘Savage Truth’ readers, I am very excited to invite you to my new half-day ‘Modern Recruiter Masterclass’ to be held in Prague and Bratislava in April 2017 Maybe you saw me speak at the ‘Evolve’ Conference in Brno in 2015? Certainly you are a reader of my blog, so it would be wonderful […]

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18 red-hot tips for the newbie recruiter

Starting your first job as a recruiter? Do this!

Every week I get a request from a newbie to the recruitment industry asking for guidance on how to succeed. It’s a tricky one because it’s a bit like asking the meaning of life, or the secret to being a brilliant parent. There is no easy, short, answer. However, here is my best road-map for […]

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The five biggest mistakes recruitment leaders are making now

The five biggest mistakes recruitment leaders are making now

It’s a tough time to be a recruitment leader. So many challenges, so much change. In my work across the globe, meeting and advising Owners and Managers of recruitment businesses, five key themes have emerged. Don’t make these mistakes as a recruitment leader, and if you work for a company that habitually falls into these […]

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Recruiter KPIs. From Crap to Credible.

Re-inventing KPIs for the modern recruiter.

Mostly, recruiters hate KPIs. Often, relentless focus on KPIs does more harm than good. Routinely, Managers drive old-school KPIs because they are bereft of any new ideas to increase productivity, and sad to say, the less success delivered by the old tactics, the more the manager pushes the KPI! It’s a destructive cycle of pain […]

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The big secret. Unique candidates

The big secret. Unique candidates

It is a scandal how much work recruiters do that they do not get paid for. And it’s getting worse. But there is a way to get a greater return on your efforts. Sadly, 90% of recruiters have no idea how. You can learn the secret now…

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