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Recruiters from 'Generation C'. Are YOU in the club?

Only hire recruiters from ‘Generation C’.

Forget Millennials, Gen X and the Baby Boomers. The only group of recruiters that have any chance of success as we enter a brave new world of recruiting, will be most certainly be from ‘Generation C’. Yes indeed, there is only one group of recruiters that will thrive in a world where talent shortages get […]

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50,000 Twitter Followers! Only took 7 years, 2 weeks, and 5 days

50,000 Twitter Followers! Only took 7 years, 2 weeks, and 5 days

Modern recruiters build a strong online personal brand. It’s not cliche, it’s not marketing babble, it’s not the blathering of some pony-tailed, ear-ringed digital acolyte. It’s a deal-breaker for recruiting success. It will become the recruiters biggest asset. And this claim is based on the Twitter experience of a recruiter. An old-school, hard-case recruiter at […]

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Recruiter KPIs. From Crap to Credible.

Re-inventing KPIs for the modern recruiter.

Mostly, recruiters hate KPIs. Often, relentless focus on KPIs does more harm than good. Routinely, Managers drive old-school KPIs because they are bereft of any new ideas to increase productivity, and sad to say, the less success delivered by the old tactics, the more the manager pushes the KPI! It’s a destructive cycle of pain […]

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How to grow your brand using Social Media {Podcast}

How to grow your brand using Social Media {Podcast}

We know that one of the key assets of a modern recruiter is a magnetic personal brand. But how? Building a brand via social media is hard work. It requires a defined strategy, and it hinges on discipline and smart execution over the long term. But it can and must be done. And it will […]

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