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Recruiter KPIs. From Crap to Credible.

Re-inventing KPIs for the modern recruiter.

Mostly, recruiters hate KPIs. Often, relentless focus on KPIs does more harm than good. Routinely, Managers drive old-school KPIs because they are bereft of any new ideas to increase productivity, and sad to say, the less success delivered by the old tactics, the more the manager pushes the KPI! It’s a destructive cycle of pain […]

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Chuck out your crappy recruiter KPIs

Chuck out your crappy recruiter KPIs

We know that in many sectors, talent is hard to find. And that is only likely to get worse in an era of sustained skill-shortages. Yet most recruitment companies still focus all their energy, and their KPIs, on job-order metrics. Now, let me be clear on this. I LOVE KPIs. I believe you can’t manage […]

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