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Greg is an established global leader of the recruitment industry and a regular keynote speaker worldwide. Greg provides specialised advice for Recruitment, Professional Services & Social Media companies.

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Recruiters are liars and scumbags. Google says so.

Recruiters are liars and scumbags. Google says so.

My entire working life I have been in this industry, and I have taken my fair share of criticism for just uttering the phrase “I am a recruiter”. But now it seems ‘the great search engine in the sky’ is predefining us as liars, scumbags, idiots and worthless.

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Greg Savage - The Savage Truth

The Savage Truth gets even more Savage!

For several decades I have owned and run recruitment companies in Australia and elsewhere. In January this year I made a massive change to that situation. At the end of 2012 I sold my entire interest in Firebrand Talent Search, the global marketing and digital recruitment company that I founded with a like-minded group of […]

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People don’t leave companies. They leave leaders!

I have employed thousands of people over the years. And every time one resigned, a little part of me died. (OK, I lie. I have actually danced a celebratory jig around my desk on the odd occasion, but that’s another blog!)

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