Every recruiter in (or near) Scotland should attend this

Greg Savage is speaking in Glasgow!

Brilliant opportunities exist for recruiters over the next few years. But only if changes are made, new skills acquired, and fresh tactics perfected.

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This Masterclass is packed with cutting edge insights for Scottish recruiters, as well as strategic imperatives for owners/managers.

Greg will highlight his learning in his own businesses and those he consults to. Expect to go away with clarity on the changing world of recruitment and a host of new tools to help you bill more.

1,000 Australian recruiters attended this event, and in October 2015, 500 in England showed up. Feedback was superb.

During the session we will cover:

• The recruiting future. A golden era awaits. But will YOU thrive?
• The ‘modern recruiter’ defined and explained
• 5 key areas of recruiter change
• How technology will change your job, and how it won’t
• Modern candidate attraction tactics
• How candidate behaviour must change your sourcing strategies
• Developing a ‘talent funnel’ that will make you money
• Building a personal brand to turn you into a ‘talent magnet’
• Tactics of the master ‘skills hunter’
• How to use social media to increase billing THIS month
• Social tools that will win you new clients
• A 20-minute-a-day LinkedIn action plan that delivers results
• Phone sourcing. An ‘old school’ skill we need to bring back
• Modern business development skills
• The craft of recruitment. Why it is still critical
• “Self Management” skill s every recruiter must master
• The critical arts of client selection, jobs selection, and candidate selection
• Complacency, self satisfaction and internal disruption
• The recruitment leader you do NOT want to be
• 4 key areas of strategic change that you must address in your business
• Recruitment is merging with marketing. Are you ready?
• Is your business a de facto digital marketing agency? You need to be
• Digital footprint vs. candidate database. Where is the value?
• Digital Predictive Recruitment. What it means and why you need to know.
• A social recruitment framework with grunt
• The markets to target, and the ones to avoid.
• The type of recruiters you should, and should not, hire
• Sophisticated, measurable social strategies that support billings.
• The right investment in the right technology
• Technology, big data, CRM, and automated marketing. What and how?
• A different agency structure for a new era

In partnership with Firefish Software we invite you to join is on June 1st 2016 at the uber-cool Glasgow Science Centre

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About Greg Savage

Over a career spanning thirty years, Greg Savage has established himself as a global recruitment leader. Greg is a regular keynote speaker at staffing and recruitment conferences around the world.

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