Chuck out your crappy recruiter KPIs

Chuck out your crappy recruiter KPIs

We know that in many sectors, talent is hard to find. And that is only likely to get worse in an era of sustained skill-shortages. Yet most recruitment companies still focus all their energy, and their KPIs, on job-order metrics.

Now, let me be clear on this. I LOVE KPIs. I believe you can’t manage what you don’t measure. But I also believe the way recruiters have KPIs imposed on them is wrong, and often demotivating. And often the wrong stuff is being measured anyway, especially as the market changes the way it currently is.

Check out this 90 second video where I explain the metrics that matter

Business development will always be important, and in some markets more than others, but what we really need to be focusing on in our industry is what I call the Seduction Conversion Rate (SCR), which means the recruiter hit-rate when approaching target candidates. This is the recruitment metric that matters now.

The successful recruiter will be skilled at finding unique candidates (UC). That is, candidates not available to our clients, and candidates who have not yet started their job search, through a competitor, or themselves.

Clients will not pay us big fees to ‘screen’ candidates. That will be a given. The value will be in hunting down unique talent and bringing them to the hiring table.

How is your UC count? What is your SCR score?


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