Free pass to hear the best recruiters at the ‘Big Biller Summit’

Very soon, I am speaking at the global ‘Big Biller Summit’, and ‘The Savage Truth’ readers are invited to attend as my guest, for free.

I am pleased that my presentation ‘Recruitment Reinvented’ is being showcased at the summit. And you can access it here, for free.

Secure your free pass now!

This event runs from October 23 – 25, 2013 and is the world’s biggest ‘virtual’ conference for recruiting and staffing professionals. You can participate by telephone and/or the web – you don’t even have to leave your desk.

I am not the only speaker! I’ll be appearing alongside 19 of the top speakers, trainers and recruitment industry experts in the world for one purpose – to help you increase your billings and grow your business.  Check out this exceptional line-up of international speakers:  Jon Bartos, Barb Bruno, Ross Clennett, Nicky Coffin, Greg Doersching, Terry Edwards, Mike Gionta, Fiona Lander, Neil Lebovits, Gaynor Lowndes, Bob Marshall, Azmat Mohammed, James Osborne, Roy Ripper, Greg Savage, Natalie Singer, Mike Walmsley, and our host Mark Whitby.

You can see all speakers and full summaries of topics on registering.

To claim your free ticket, register here.

My presentation, ‘Recruitment Re-invented’ Looks at the new way a recruitment business needs to operate to take advantage of the massive social and technological changes that face us every day. We also talk about the skills of the new age recruiter and fresh business development tactics:

Hope to ‘see’ you there.

The Savage Truth Masterclass Tour around Australia and NZ starts next week! Join us please.
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About Greg Savage

Over a career spanning thirty years, Greg Savage has established himself as an undisputed global recruitment leader. Greg is a regular keynote speaker at staffing and recruitment conferences around the world.

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8 Responses to Free pass to hear the best recruiters at the ‘Big Biller Summit’

  1. Mitch Sullivan November 29, 2013 at 6:19 pm #

    Greg, it pains me to see you associate yourself with this Big Biller Summit.

    The trainers/speakers that are a regular participants of this event are not “the best recruiters” and never have been. Many of them are failed recruiters (some have even admitted as much) and nearly all of them haven’t recruited in over 10 years. Some have even fabricated a history to create the impression that they have been successful recruiters.

    The world have recruitment has moved on dramatically in just the past 5 years, let alone 10.

    I would even go as far as saying that many of these recruitment trainers are contributing to the dumbing down of the industry by teaching methodologies that are despised by a client market that has gradually started to see through the smoke and mirrors.

    You’re much better than this. Apologies if this sounds a little patronising.

    • Greg Savage December 2, 2013 at 5:53 pm #

      Mitch, it certainly must “pain you” a great deal, as this is the 9th or 10th time you have made the same comment. Here, on Twitter and elsewhere. This comment today, is in response to a post that is months old! What was comically pompous, is now worryingly obsessive.

      Let me ease your pain. I don’t care about the reputation of other speakers on Big Biller. I do not even look to see who is participating. (The ones I know e.g. Ross Clennett are fantastic, by the way).

      Frankly all I care about is that my content is good and my presentation compelling and insightful. That is what I stand behind.

      If it were possible, I care even less about what you think about the speakers on the Big Biller Summit. Why do you persist in sharing it with me and the world? Who cares?

      The fact is Mitch, I received upwards of fifty thank you notes via email, LinkedIn and Twitter for my BB presentation. People told me they got their entire teams to listen in. Many said it changed their view of their business. I am still getting thanks you’s and acknowledgements now. It appears many people loved it and found it very useful. Many of those came from your country and mine, but many others came from isolated recruiting outposts, where there is little or no recruiting information and people need help. One woman from Mongolia wrote me a long letter of appreciation. This alone made it worthwhile for me and will incline me to do it again, if that’s what I feel like at the time

      Your “pain” over my participation pales a bit don’t you think?

      Reflect on this Mitch. You have spent your time spewing a stream of negative and cynical comment about the BB summit and its contributors. Some of your comments have been vicious and demeaning. That appears to be your contribution to the industry. I am nobody, with nothing special to say, but at least I gave my time and whatever insights I have for anyone to access, for free, which many did, with gratitude.

  2. Mitch Sullivan February 18, 2014 at 5:57 pm #

    You and others gave your time to the BB summit for free?


    Why is it then that everyone who joins that particular cartel, has to do so by pooling their own database of recruitment contacts? Why is it that the BB summit and all its regular participants are always harvesting people’s emails addresses to access their thinking on recruitment, most of which is outdated?

    It’s not working for free, it’s marketing. Spammy marketing actually. I know because I receive it.

    It’s marketing for many outdated trainers to play the numbers game to win more work and an outlet for you to broaden your audience for your speaking engagements.

    And anything I might say that you think is “vicious and demeaning” I’m prepared to back up. Juts let me have the specifics.


    • Greg Savage February 18, 2014 at 11:15 pm #

      “It’s marketing for many outdated trainers to play the numbers game to win more work and an outlet for you to broaden your audience for your speaking engagements”

      I don’t consider myself to be an “outdated trainer” and it would seem that the thousands – yes, thousands – of people who pay a lot to see me speak every year would agree. As for the fact I blog, do webinars and podcast to “broaden my audience”, well, er, YES! That’s called marketing and promotion and its hardly something to be ashamed of. It seems you do exactly some of the same things to promote your business, so I fail to see your point. I never suggested i do these things for entirely altruistic reasons, but its is certainty part of my motivation. Just ask the dozen or so people a week I meet, write back to or speak to on the phone, who ask me for advice.(such as it is)

      As for your tone and comments on other people in the industry.I will leave that for you to reflect on because I sense you know exactly what i am talking about.

      I am happy to leave this conversation here if you are because this is tedious, a little childish, and not very interesting for me or the blog readers i suspect

      • Mitch Sullivan February 22, 2014 at 6:27 pm #

        Why are you being so defensive?

        Not once have I described you in negative terms – just a number of the people that regularly participate in the Big Biller Summit.

        Try addressing the issue raised rather than interpreting everything as a veiled attack against you.

        • Greg Savage February 22, 2014 at 9:10 pm #

          Mitch,somewhat predictably you could not leave it where it was, but I will take up your offer to “address the issues” you have raised

          You did actually describe me in negative terms. You also included me in several incorrect negative assertions. So if I sounded defensive, it was because I was… defending myself. Specifically, just in your recent comment, these, for example

          “Why is it then that everyone who joins that particular cartel, has to do so by pooling their own database of recruitment contacts?”

          I am a part of the last few BB summits, therefore part of the “cartel by your definition. I did not “pool” my “database” of recruitment contacts. I don’t even have such a data base, apart from LI and my blog subscribers I suppose.I did not give them to anyone. Did not allow anyone to access them. Did not collude with anyone (definition of cartel). Did not even pay attention to who else was speaking. So that Mitch, is an incorrect assertion, amongst many you have made and continue to make.

          Why is it that the BB summit and all its regular participants are always harvesting people’s emails addresses to access their thinking on recruitment, most of which is outdated?

          I am a regular participant on BB and you did use the phrase “all participants”, so you accuse me of this. I don’t even know what you mean by harvesting peoples email addresses, let alone actually being guilty of it. Why do I want anyone email address? I don’t keep a list, or do email marketing, or send out blurb. I have no need or desire to do that. And by extension you accuse me (“all BB participants”) of “accessing other peoples thinking on recruitment”. Really mate? Is that what I do? You think I need help on ideas on recruitment so badly I need to “access” the ideas of other people by “harvesting” their email address? What a farcical thing to say.

          So that too is a false accusation Mitch

          Feel free to apologise for these false slurs anytime

          Anyway we appear to have strayed from the main point. You are fully entitled to your opinion on the BB. It may even have many elements of truth.I dont know or care. I know my session was very solid and well received. You can also criticise me, which I appreciate you did not necessarily set out to do. My issue is that you flog this matter like the deadest of horses. Its like you are fixated with it. A burning issue in your life, when really, who gives a fuck? You made comments about this on my twitter for days in a row, possibly weeks, on my blog, on other peoples blogs and I think my face book page. You did it at the time of the BB, and then you continued months later. All of this because I did did a 1 hour webinar thing on an online conference? Seriously? I was just asking you to stop stalking me around the my social platforms and the web with the same old whinge. Move on. Will you? Please.

          PS The conversation is over. From my end anyway. If you reply, which I hope you don’t, ( other than to apologise for the false claims you made against me), I will publish it, because I publish every comment I get on this blog, that is not defamatory or racist. But I won’t reply. Cheers Mitch

  3. Mitch Sullivan March 17, 2014 at 6:24 pm #

    Hi Greg

    Apologies for inadvertently tarring you with the same brush as the more frequent participants of the Big Biller Summit.

    Equally, I forgive you for massively over-exaggerating the amount of emotional energy I’ve invested in this subject – and in particular for accusing me of “stalking” you. I know that when people get annoyed about stuff, they do sometimes tend to create diversionary accusations to widen the argument.

    This big biller summit will just have to be one of the few things we will always disagree on.

  4. Mitch Sullivan March 17, 2014 at 6:37 pm #

    And one other thing.

    I don’t have a Facebook account and haven’t had one for over 3 years. So if anyone is interacting with you on that site using my name (as you seem to be suggesting), it isn’t me.

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