Kiwi Recruiters. Linked In or left out?

During my recent RCSA speaking tour around Australasia I spoke to over 500 Australian and 150 New Zealander recruiters, on the upbeat topic of ‘Riding the Recovery’.

I have to admit it was refreshing to talk about positive ideas and strategies to ensure we take advantage of the opportunities presented by an economic revival.

One of the key areas I covered was the use of Social Media as a sourcing and influencing tool for our industry going forward. I have already blogged on my finding that Australian recruiters use Twitter in tiny numbers and followed that up with a similar story on New Zealand. However, I also used this opportunity to survey (by show of hands, so not very scientific), the use of LinkedIn by New Zealand recruiters.

It turns out that in Auckland and Christchurch, only about 70% of recruiters have a LinkedIn Account (I have to say I am wondering what the other 30% are waiting for). However when asked whether their LinkedIn accounts were worked ‘actively’ with status updates, participation in groups and all the other available applications, only between 10% and 20% kept hands raised.

I am no LinkedIn expert, but it seems self-evident that it’s a great branding tool, a fantastic sourcing tool and an exceptional way to connect with otherwise inaccessible people-not to mention its research capabilities.

I have spoken to clients who acknowledge freely that the first thing they do when assessing a new recruitment service provider, is to review their LinkedIn profile, including an evaluation of history, stability and quality of the recruiters network.

Personally, I could do far more with my LinkedIn account. However I do review it every day, participate in groups, answer questions, update my status and add connections every week. I have also connected my blog and Twitter account to my Linked In page, making an attempt to integrate my Social Media messaging and content. And it works. Even though I am only using the free functionality of Linked In, so far I have hired new Firebrand employees from LinkedIn, won clients, secured speaking engagements and generated publicity in many countries and many media.

So Kiwi recruiters, let’s get with the programme. Slow to buy into Twitter I can half understand.

But if you are not LinkedIn… you surely will be left out.

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Over a career spanning thirty years, Greg Savage has established himself as a global recruitment leader. Greg is a regular keynote speaker at staffing and recruitment conferences around the world.

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One Response to Kiwi Recruiters. Linked In or left out?

  1. Aaron Rossano April 30, 2010 at 10:07 am #

    Just like when computers first came out it required experimentation to find out that it needs to be moderated not to hurt your physical body that still needs attention such as resting your eyes and moving the body as well as practicing real life social skills, I find that a similar problem appears with social networking websites that are currently taking up so much of people’s attention.
    The main problem at the moment with linked in that I find for employees, especially with I.T is that it takes about 3 months to learn the job your meant to do, 1 year to become efficient and 2 years to really give back value for hiring that person.
    People seem to be changing jobs rapidly and while LinkedIn puts you on the job market all the time with recruiters able to give better offers all the time.
    That also hurts the person’s loyalty to his employer and although it may feel inappropriate for the employer to leave bad feedback, I feel that this is becoming a common issue and is very unfortunate.
    This is not something that used to happen in the old days when a nickel was a nickel and maybe need attention reminding people about work ethics and standards.
    Too much or am I just disappointed I haven’t gotten any job offers on LinkedIn while many people I know have?

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